Last night I was making a tomato and cucumber salad and cut my thumb pretty deeply with the knife I was using a bit too carelessly. Ok, I have to admit I was cutting the tomatoes in the bowl, not on a cutting board, while thinking, "I should use a board cause I'm going to cut myself." I must be psychic. What's in blood again? What makes it so red? What makes it stain materials? Anyway, I looked for a Band-Aid but couldn't find one so I called my next door neighbors Thomas and Kerry. Thomas had one and even offered to walk it over! Nice! Afterwards, I was thinking about how cool it is that they live next door and why don't I live closer to all my friends? Why do most people live so far from everyone they like to hang out with? We should all live on the same block. The next place I move to I'm going to seriously think about that. Just living in the same city is not enough. Why not live on the same block? The same neighborhood at least, not half and hour away by car, an hour by train or bus. I think Close Enough to Walk is the perfect distance. And if you say you would not like your friends so close, that you might irritate each other, I'd have to say you need new friends, that at a certain time in your life you should only have friends that make you smile when you see them. And that, god, I would not come and visit THAT long or stop by at dinner time EVERY night.

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