My 2001 list for Tom the HairMaster Who Asked-In no particular order, category, year (some of it is pretty old but I just got to it), or correct spelling. Just stuff I liked in 2001 and now remember as I write this:

Adult Swim

Chocolategenius Godmusic

Beulah The Coast is Never Clear

Basement Jaxx - Rooty

The Lord of the Rings books

Wilco - live show and unreleased album

The Shins Oh Inverted World

My bicycle

Destroyer Streethawk, a Seduction

Ghost World

In the Mood For Love

The Seven Samurai (critareon dvd edition) Akira Kurasawa (probally the best movie Ive seen this year. Have you seen this? Incredible. He really should of made the Lord of the Rings. Makes almost all adventure movies pale by comparison.)

O Brother Where Are Thou Cohen Bro.

Tamales ( from that place in Old Irving Park the name I cant remember. But it was like heaven on a plate)

char sui

Fast Food Nation

Comfort Me With Apples Ruth Reichl

My Heated Mattress Pad

Nelly (the single Ride Wit Me. Its one of the one songs on popular radio that they played a lot and I liked a lot. Its such a weird pop song, with that great hook thats suppose to be boastful yet sounds melancholy, the way great pop hooks should)I'd call it my guilty pleasure but who am I kidding? I don't feel guilty.

Montreal the beautiful and tasty city (Id go back just for another donut)

Toms Town at http://www.uicradio.ws/schedule.html

Uncle Jeff - "Rock of Ages: Roots, Stems, and Seeds" at http://www.uicradio.ws/schedule.html

Wait Wait Dont Tell Me

Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes

Revolutionary Road Richard Yates

Cold Comfort Farm Stella Gibbons

Outkast - stankonia

Desperate Characthers Paula Fox

Pams idea/wish of her being reincarnated as Pam Anderson and Kid Rocks baby.

Atheists in foxholes

My furry slippers Target

The Delgados the Great Eastern

Anne Heche interviews

Maggie Chung perched on the edge of a chair in the Mood For Love

Mullholand Drive David Lynch

Naomi Watts as a plucky Nancy Drew of sorts in the first half of Mullholand Drive.

Together Lucas Moodysson. This was the Swedish movie about living in a commune in the 70s.


Grounded for Life

Carter Beats the Devil Glen David Gould

Tina Fey (of course)

Langley Schools Music Project Innocence and Despair


Eightball issue 22 by Daniel Clowes.

And last but not least, the pot of Portuguese bean soup Im warming up.

Um, I guess its a list like most others. I think Id rather read other peoples lists than make my own. Besides, Ive forgotten more than Ive remembered I think.

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