My next door neighbor Thomas gave me an old Marantz amp/tuner circa 1970something that he bought at a garage sale. It looked great and Thomas gave it an audiophile's (you should see his stereo) thumbs up. So I bought some good speakers for the first time in my life and when I connected everything (he also gave me some speaker wires that are as thick as my thumb), the first station I tuned in just started a song: The Jam's "Ghost" which is one of my favorite all time songs and something I've never heard on the radio before. Everything sounded really warm. That was a really nice way to start a relationship between me and the stereo. A week later I found a pretty good turntable (Dual) at a garage sale for two bucks from this really old guy in the suburbs. Two bucks!!! Why do people buy new stereos? Don't they all have nice neighbor/friends and old guys who give them vintage stereo equipment? So I've been buying LP's again. Did you know Amazon.com sells vinyl LP's? Also, I don't mind getting up to turn the record over. I need the excercise anyway. But I haven't figured out how to burn cds or make mp3's from vinyl yet (if anyone knows how to do it with the new iBook, let me know). So I can't listen to my Shins LP at work. Hey! How cool would it be if you had a turntable at work? In your cubicle?
*I just did a search on google and there's a ton of articles on how to record vinyl to my mac, duh.*

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