buddha's 360



I went to the Brown Elephant Thrift store today and found a bunch of great records (a thin dollar each). I picked up some nice Georg Solti/CSO stuff from the early 70's and even a nice Fritz Reiner/Welitsch opera sampler with that great drawing of Salome from Oscar Wilde's book (ok, I didn't know who Reiner and Welitsch were but sometimes I like listening to arias while brushing my teeth). But the best thing I found was Buddah's Dial-a-Hit, a sampler record that caught my eye cause it has this wheel on the side that you turn and the band's photo on the top matches up with the song title at the bottom, like a kids book or something. And I'm glad I did cause of at least two songs I've never heard of on it are great. Please for the love of your ears go listen to the song "Hotdog Man" by Elephant Memory (all Pam's boyfriends judging by the photo) that the site links to (scroll down). It's my favorite song now (you can even hear it over a dial up connection). Also U.S. '69 has a song called "Miss Goodbody" and they sound like the White Stripes, except they have five dudes in the band, not just two. Oh and I picked up the Beatles White album. I'm not a big fan but I thought I'd give them yet another shot. When I got home I saw that inside there was a poster and four mini poster portrait shots of the "Lads". Am I suppose to put them up on my wall? On my wonderwalls?

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