Walking home today down Lincoln, glad about the leaves I see on the trees, I spot a flyer on a lampost for a "three wheeled adult bicycle". On the flyer is a drawing of a really big tri-cycle. And of course I imagine you riding it down the street, pedaling like crazy. "No, it's a three wheeled adult bicycle," you shout as I bike away on two wheels, shouting, "No it's a tri-cycle!", taking a corner fast so I can lose you. I'll try to remember to get the tel.# off the flyer for you. When I got home the phone rings and it's Tom's mom tellling me that her lawn bowling club is sending me info on an open house for new members. Lawn bowling! She says they have too many suburban members and are looking for "city members". Lawn bowling? I wonder what the average age of the members are? Will I be hanging out with retirees? Saright! Finally an excuse to buy a seersucker suit! This is going to be a great Summer.

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