CSI Andrew



Some thoughts on the sniper shootings in D.C. Well, I've been doing some thinking and I've decided that the FBI would be smart to rule out Bob Dole and Hawaii Sen. Daniel J. Inoye as major suspects, because of Dole's bum right hand and the fact that Inoye is missing an entire arm (both WWII injuries). I'd also like the chance to shine a huge UV light(you know,the ones that show blood and sperm in hotel rooms)over the entire city of D.C. at night. They would have to turn out all the lights for a few hours while I do so but I think I could pick up some good evidence that way and it would be pretty funny for us that do not live there to see what shows up. Also I'd look into that Harry Connick Jr. He once played a serial killer in a movie and was also arrested for trying to bring a handgun on board an airplane a few years ago. There's something funny about him lately I think. He just don't look right. So at least check him out once. If you guys know anyone in the FBI please feel free to pass this info on.

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