So I've been working on my play "Hey! That's my Heart!" during lunch and think I am pretty close to getting it on stage here in Chicago. Here's a taste:

Open curtain to street scene. We see a man standing on the sidewalk. He is wearing spandex shorts and a T-shirt, and on his head is a bicycle helmet. He's holding the handlebars of his tandem bicycle. He is looking up at a second floor window. We see a woman who looks out of the window for a second and then closes blinds. The man is in tears and he cups a hand to his mouth and screeches/screams in a whiney/sad kind of way, "BUT IT'S BUILT FOR TWO!!!"

Ok, you can email me here to invest in HTMH. I'm thinking William Shatner for the lead or maybe John Malkovich.

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