05/16/2001 - Updated 08:47 AM ET

'Jackass' injuries sideline model

By Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY

Stephanie Hodges is a model featured in current ad campaigns for

McDonald's and Coke. She's a full-time student at UCLA and an aspiring

actress. She also has a page devoted to her in Gear magazine's annual model

issue, which hit newsstands Tuesday, that showcases new faces.

But Hodges' promising career has been sidelined for now by injuries she

suffered filming MTV's Jackass, the show that has been criticized for its

dangerous stunts. About a month ago, she broke vertebrae in her back and

fractured her pelvis doing a stunt involving an air mattress used as a launch on

a snowbank.-end--

Ok, I really like the show Jackass. It makes me laugh a lot and I hated those dumb kids who were setting themselves on fire and bringing down a lot of bad publicity on the fine Jackass staff. But now I have to take a different stand. MODELS are getting hurt, people! Something must be done.

Actually I'd like to see a new show about celebs getting hurt in dangerous stunts. Also a tv channel that just shows puppies and kittens with really good music playing in the background. Like if the kitten is running around it would be Jon Spencer. And when the camera shows kittens and puppies sleeping it would be Air or Tortoise. Is there a webpage like that? Can you go start one? Thanks! Oh and IndieDale Dancer update in guestbook.

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