Manchurian Candidate



i saw the Manchurian Candidate with Pam this week. pretty entertaining but no masterpiece. hard to accept actor Henry Silva as a Korean, no matter how much lighting they use to make his eyes more slanty. that pretty much spoiled any transparency of form for me and yanked me out of the movie. but the print was pristine and watching him and Sinatra fight was pretty funny. KARATE CHOP! and Frank broke a table with the side of his hand (jim just told me that it's the first karate fight in a u.s. movie). and watching James Gregory dressed as Abe Lincoln doing a drunken limbo was worth the ticket. also what was up with Janet Leigh? she wasn't a spy? she just saw a shaking and sweaty Frank on the train after he knocked over a table and wouldn't look her in the eye, his hands shaking so bad he couldn't light a cig, and she thought, "THAT'S THE BOY FOR ME!" and their first date is bailing him out of jail for beating up a fake korean houseboy with his fake martial arts? isn't that a fake hate crime? all that was pretty weak. but also kind of added to all the weirdness in an enjoyable way i guess. so i guess i liked it as campy fun.

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