So I'm thinking about what my tv show would be like and what would it be called? SUPERCOOL&FRIENDS!!!

So the new season opener has a new credit sequence: SuperCool is standing in the subway waiting for his train and a little dog comes and bites him on the ass, just hanging there growling, and SuperCool is just standing there with that dumb expression on his face, looking bored as people around him kinda run away as the subway starts falling apart and big chunks of concrete start landing on people, and the words on the screen below him that says, "Has that David Ducovney song going through his head even though he hates it..."

And then the SuperCool&Friends logo which blows up.

Anyway, the whole show turns out to be a Halloween/BlairWitch Project rip-off with no plot, just someone filming them with a handheld camera in the woods as SuperCool runs away from guest star Tom Sizemore who is trying to stab him or pants him, couldn't figure out which. And which is more terrifying?

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