They Should Of Turned On the Disco Ball



“We’re here, we’re queer,” Claudia Gonson said as she entered the stage, all bundled up in sweater and knit cap. It was more stage banter than political sloganeering and the audience chuckled and applauded. I went to see The Future Bible Heroes last night at Schuba’s and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. It was a lot less disco-e than the albums and more Magnetic Fields, with Stephin Merritt singing some of the songs with just his ukulele (or was it a mandolin?), which was what I was hoping for. Merritt’s bands are one of the few bands that I like better live. Songs that I don’t care for when I hear them on the disc become charming when I hear them play it on stage. Live, I loved hearing every one of the 69 love songs, on CD I tend to hit the skip button on some of them. I wonder if there’s a live CD? Also Merritt looked miserable the whole time. But he loves it. My only complaint was that they should of turned on the discoball. But that’s my complaint about everything.

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