Someone pointed out that Iím really late on the whole Peaches thing. Whatever, itís cheaper to be late on stuff. Suzanne says Peaches is Canadian and use to be a folk singer. Of course. That makes perfect sense. She also stated most Canadians are ďcloset socialist.Ē HAWT!

Speaking of late, the line at the post office is so short on the 26th. Itís one of the perks of being a slack MF.

ďA religious sect that contends that space travelers created the human race by cloning themselves declared today that the first cloned human had been born.

RaŽlians are followers of RaŽl, a French-born former race-car driver who has said he met a four-foot space alien atop a volcano in southern France in 1973 and went aboard his ship, where he was entertained by voluptuous female robots and learned that the first humans were created 25,000 years ago by space travelers called Elohim, who cloned themselves.Ē -- nytimes

Thatís so great. Dan pointed out that itís also the plotline from an episode of Soap. Whatís the secret to starting a new religion? Really awesome t-shirts? My religion will involve laser pointers and really expensive, crisp white cotton shirts, parkas and Segway scooters and iPods. Kind of futuristic Mods. We will have the coolest handshakes. And we will only clone my recently deceased punk rock heroes. And Lester Bangs. So we can read what he has to say about the Strokes,electro-shock, and bitchy/loving articles on how old Lou Reed is now. Mostly Iíll just rip off the Terminator movie plot and claim Ah-nold really is a killing machine from the future and must be stopped. After we have a nice lunch. Cause a nice lunch will be really the heart of my religion. Jeffrey Steingarten, Julia Child, and Calvin Trillin will be the elders who guide us to holy barbeque sites.

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