Into the very heart of Antarctica.

I heard that on the radio tonight and for some reason I like the sound of it. Try it. It sounds better than it looks on screen. Common, say it loud enough to make the person in the other cubicle say, “What? Did you say something? Santa Monica?” It sounds so good and even better with repetition.

Into the Very Heart of Antarctica.

In to the sorry mart of harmonicas.

Sin and the smart Americas.

I kept doing that in my head while walking home from the train tonight.

Into the very heart of Antarctica.

I haven’t had a cigarette in a week. I will see how long I can go without a smoke. Not trying to quit, just been a little under the weather.

Into the Groove of Madonnica. Ooh, that’s reaching. The Simpsons are on and upstairs my housemates are watching and laughing. Time to join them. Goodnight.

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