argggh ye dude



This is the kind of weekend that makes me ask myself why I'd live anywhere else but Chicago. Perfect biking weather with movies. I saw T3 (fun B movie), and that J. Depp Pirate movie. Depp is a genius. He played the whole thing sort of like a really swishy Peter O'Toole after lots of drinks. Would of been so bored if he wasn't in it. Oh, and of course he's still the prettiest. How great would T3 have been if Arnie played it like an effeminate pirate? Hello, Oscar!

And I ate twice at Sunshine Cafe this weekend. I think it's my favorite Japanese place for casual Japanese. Have you noticed Andersonville is sort of the gay Southport lately? And after my first meal I found a Karl Lagerfeld suit at the thrift store for 30 something bucks. Wool with a hint of cashmere. I'll wear it to your wedding. I have the sunglasses and I'll go buy a silk fan.

I'm wearing a Oprah Book club hat right now that Sara gave me today. But I'm wearing it like a swishy drunk pirate. Don't be surprised when you see all the cool kids wearing them.

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