I joined the Y this week. Guess what the first thing I saw when I entered the locker room was? Yeah, a really old guy (80something?) walking around naked. Ow my eyes! There's always old guys who enjoy just sitting around the locker room naked at every gym. Well, the gyms I can afford. I'm sure at the pricey places it's naked old men who have more money. Everyone else changes clothes quickly but not them. It's not so much a gym as it is a nudist colony for these guys. Speaking of nude, the Y has one of those excercise bikes with a little tv screen connected to the internet. It's pretty bad and not many people use it. What they should do is have a photo of yourself naked come up on the screen everytime you pedal too slow. Imagine how fast you would pedal. Give me the yellow jersey cause I'd be all Lance Armstrong. Those old naked guys would just sit there on the excercise bikes and stare at the nude photos of themselves.

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