Yesterday I went with some friends to the Chicago Art something, a showcase for art galleries. It had one of the guys from the Japanese Superflat posse, so I was interested. Mike had an apple with him and he ate it. For an hour. He finally threw it away and then he got a call on his cellphone. I told Chris, who was with us, that it was prob. the apple calling to say it missed Mike and the time they had spent together. When we finally got there my dogs were barking from doing other stuff earlier and then we realized we were out of time. So we turned right around and left. And on our way out, in a huge crowd, I ran into my roommates. So I went out to go see some art and all I saw was my roommates. That should be on a t-shirt.

I found out that other people in Chicago have been hit in the head by birds also. Turns out that some birds have been hitting people in the head on purpose, defending their turf. Ha. So that bird might have been picking a fight with me. All I have to say to that is:


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