I finished Haruki Murakamiís Underground and Sputnik Sweetheart yesterday. I have to say both were interesting but were both kind of sub-par. I'm so use to greatness from him. I got the sense that they would have been better in a shorter form in a magazine. Actually, maybe itís because I did read a version of Sputnik Sweetheart as a short story in the New Yorker. I thought that worked so much better than this short novel. Who knows, maybe itís just mÖ.Iím watching Talk Soup as I write and this woman is in her underwear and has pork taped all over her body and is running around. Thatís pretty funny. Maybe thatís what Murakami needed! People with pork taped all over their body. Running around like crazy. Cause it seems thatís what really entertains me.

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