Jamie emailed this to me:

"A true story-After the movie on Sunday, I stopped at Osco to pick up a couple things. While reaching into the refrigerated shelves for some Vitamin Water, a retarded guy comes up behind me and starts talking really loudly about how he doesn't drink Vitamin Water. He tells me to look at the label and how many calories it has and how much sugar. He then explains that he drinks Diet coke because it has artificial sweetners. I thank him for his insight and try to walk away when he loudly (as usual) states that I should wear a tag that says "bed wetter" because vitamin water will make me wet my bed. Scandalized, I left Osco at once."

I hate when Jamie calls me "retarded guy".

Kerri adds to Jamie's email:"He reminds me of the guy I met in the public pool across from Sulzer library. The guy had on a sign, kind of. He had rubber swimming trunks that read "world's best golden shower." "

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