like beer for water



I saw About Schmidt last night with Jill. She kept whispering, "This is killing me." But she liked it and so did I. It was a little broad in places but Jack Nicholson was amazing. Just that part when he first talks to his daughter on the phone kind of killed me, how happy he was just because she called in that sad parent way.

I just got home tonight and found out I have no water. The water heater broke and they are trying to fix it now. So cause I'm too lazy to walk to the store for bottled water, I'm drinking beer with my dinner. And my cold medication.

While I was writing this the biker building repair guy knocked on my door and said he's giving up on fixing the water for tonight and aplogized about it and also said he's sorry if I heard him downstairs, "swearing like a raped ape." Uh.

Ok, beer shower time.

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