do you believe?



“People who maybe once felt obligated to pay attention to new books have donned the adult diapers of Harry Potter-worship. (Just recently a twenty-one-year-old Madrid woman burned her house down trying to concoct a potion in emulation of her hero.) For the more discerning, those who prefer existential complexity borne without the crutch of magic broomsticks, any number of self-reflexive cable dramas usually suffice."”- Sam Lipsyte, “The Mooing of The Ruminant” a review of Michel Houellebecq’s latest book in the September 2003 issue of “the Believer.”

Ok, so people who read and enjoy Harry Potter are just big adult diapered infants shitting themselves who do not read anything else? And that Madrid woman must be a good example of the average adult who reads Harry Potter? And the rest of course would rather watch something as low as a “cable drama” instead of reading a “real” book. I thought the Believer was anti-snark? What a bunch of asses.

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