May 9

1502 Christopher Columbus leaves Spain on his final trip to New World.

1754 The first newspaper cartoon in America appears.

1962 A laser beam is successfully bounced off the moon for the first time.

All three of these things happened today, May9th. What else do they have in common? Nothing that I can think of. But you are free to take this and run with it. Go write a novel! Christopher Columbus leaves Spain, on his way to the New World. Years later a cartoonist, maybe the guy who did the Yellow Kid, throw him or her in. And end with the first laser beam to hit the moon. The first laser beam to bounce off the moon and back to earth. Oh man, thatís good, loaded with history and drama and so symbolic of anything you want it to be symbolic of. Iím excited to see Oprah recommending your book soon. If you need help with the title, let me know.

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