I saw Baran last night and it was pretty good. Iranian boy falls for an Afgan refugee girl. He looked just like an Iranian Jason Schwartzman of Rushmore. Like the few other Iranian films I've seen, Baran was beautifully shot, with a realism and humane spirit that's missing from a lot of Western films. Oh and it didn't suck like a lot of films (Hollywood really needs a sliding scale for ticket prices. Good films full price, bad films $2.00 or less). The one problem I had with the movie was that I couldn't see the lower part of the screen to read the subtitles when a woman sat in front of me. She had a nice head of curls that I wanted to kinda pat down so I could see better. You think she would have minded? The theater should fix those seats or at least hand out knit caps for all the hairfarmers. I ended up moving to a far left side seat. That happens a lot at the MusicBox and I might have to stop going there for movies with subtitles. When I was complaining after the film, Jamie brought up the guy with the super big head that sat in front of us when we saw Werckmeister Harmonies last year at the MusicBox. That guy had the biggest head (and with curly hair) that pretty much eclipsed the screen for people sitting behind him. Also his head would kind of loll to his left shoulder and then to his right shoulder, like a baby, as if his huge head was too big to keep upright. Oh well, that's part of living in a society, right? Big heads and all.

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