It's 3a.m.-ish and I just biked home from Pam's party. Happy birthday, Pam! She kept trying to make me go in the bathroom with her but I know her tricks...Also she will probably tell Syd that I joked that it was weird laying on Syd's bed when Syd is not all over me. Pam makes things up sometimes on her birthdays. Also if Chris and James back up her story they are just being nice cause of her birthday. But Erin's cake was no joke. It was delicious. I think it's dim sum in the morn. so I should go to sleep but I have that beer buzz going still and I'm not sleepy yet. On my way home there were hardly any cars or people and the only sound on the deserted side streets I took were the birds already chirping (or they just never stop?) and I somehow didn't even fall over once. Safe and Sound.

Oh yah, and I agree with everything Luku wrote about the Matrix Reloaded. It was as the kids say, the sucks. Go rent Volcano High instead. Cheesy fun. I'm going to pretend that it's the real Matrix2...

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