Strangely, bicycles built for two, tandems, have been popping up in conversation, blogs, and the radio. But I'm going to ignore it and talk about Kill Bill Vol.1.

I saw it on Sunday in NYC with Miki and Lia. While I sat there shocked speechless by the blood and violence, cringing over the head cutting off-ing (that's a word, right?), and general limb amputations, I could hear them on either side of me giggling happily. I think they were inspired and were thinking about what kind of fall boots would best match the samurai swords and handguns they were planning on buying after the movie. New Yorkers are harder to shock I guess.

Also there was a dwarf guy sitting in front of us and before the movie started, this guy next to him leaned over and asked him, "So, you a BIG fan of Tarantino?" and for a second I thought it was suppose to be a bad joke. But it turned out I was just a jerk and they were just talking movies.

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