Hey, Bob! New pants?



every night i forget that maybe instead of watching bad tv, it's better to go to bed early and read. this way i won't stay up past 2am reading every night. and maybe i'll listen to myself and go to bed right now...

today i caught the edge of a kitchen drawer in the office while getting coffee cause i don't always walk in a straight line, instead using counter tops to sort of guide me, like i'm driving a bumper car. i needed my coffee. so it ripped a perfect L tear in my front pants pocket. at one point in my life i would have been embarrassed and gone home to change. but instead i just taped it up. does that mean i'm more self assured or just given up?

have you seen those Viagra commercials where this guy walks around an office/party and everyone is like, "Hey, Bob! What's different about you? New haircut? New clothes? You dye your hair? Get a promotion?" and the guy just says no and smiles his coy mona lisa smile? The camera should pull back and show that his pants is all pup-tented from his new Viagra prescription. you thought that also, right?

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