Ok, stay away from the movie Cats and Dogs. I was hoping against my better judgment that it would be an amusing and relaxing way to cap off a lazy day off of work. Well it's mostly Dogs and not very funny. So boring. I'm reading James Ellroy's latest, the Cold Six Thousand. As usual it's fast, diamond hard and makes you feel kinda dirty reading it. Excellent. Ellory's hard boiled characters would kick my ass or gut shoot me for having even thought of seeing Cats and Dogs. Ok, I'm not seeing any more movies that even smell slightly like it's not going to be good. More than with music or books, I've been way too undiscriminating and lazy with my film choices, trying to cast my net wide, hoping I catch something good. But I keep pulling in crap. Boots and tires. Cats and Dogs. So Iím no longer the person who friends can count on to ask for reviews of iffy films that are out. But they can ask me for my opinions on chocolate eclairs from different Chicago bakeries. Oh and if your shirt looks ok. I'll keep those two responsibilities.

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