My train ride is much longer now so itís really important that I have something good to read in my bag with me. Right now no books but lots of magazines. Today I was reading Rolling Stone and I looked up and noticed all the other riders were just looking around, nothing to read. Man, how can they stand it? Just the thoughts in their heads? No thanks to that! Maybe they didnít know how to read? Cause why else would they just sit there? What are they thinking about? Maybe they have the ability to play back movies or TV shows in their heads? Brain TV! I actually thought about that today. How cool would that be? If I concentrate really hard I can play back maybe a second of a movie or TV shows I have seen. Try it, it's really hard. Maybe if I work at it I can play back a whole episode of the Simpsons??? God, if people could do that nobody would be working. Speaking of work, Iím liking it. Which is sort of weird, becoming a technical guy. I still feel so...Liberal Arts. But Iím learning so much which is neat and my co-workers are supercool. But Iím slacking as soon as my brain TV starts working!

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