damn, it's too late to take the sleeping pills. i promise i'll start sleeping sunday night, brain. my poor, dumb sweet little brain. i'll give you those nice pills at a resonable hour and maybe a warm glass of milk. it's been about two weeks away from work and i think i've forgotten all my passwords. i don't really remember where i work anymore or what i do. i wonder where my work ID is? did i leave it in Seoul? that would be funny. i left a lot of things there. it's cold here in chicago. we tried to see Roger Dodger in Evanston but the place was packed (overheard an old man say really loud, "i guess movies a big bizness!") and the film was sold out so we got some burgers and pizza and then mike stopped at Baker's Square for pie. he can't drive by without stopping there for pie, which is cool for me if i happen to be in the car. i was so i had a slice of peanut butter and chocolate. speaking of me, hey, i'm going to san francisco later this month. let me know if there's some place there i really shouldn't miss (but if it's the Left Handed Store at the Pier, never mind, i already went there when i was 12.). i hear a person can get a good night's sleep in california.

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