dan came up with a new rule that's pretty good. only british people get to cut our hair. yah, fancy like that. but i think if they are commited enough to fake a british accent, like bob pollard of GBV or madonna, i can work with that. also i need my vacation soon or i'm going to lose it like adam ant (who can cut my hair. i promise not to mock his cowboy outfit cause hey, i didn't laugh at him when he dressed like a pirate). and has anyone read the new zadie smith? good? The Russian Debutante's Handbook? i liked his short story in the new yorker maybe the book is good as well. i'm planning on reading more this winter so i cancled my cable since i've been up watching ANYTHING every night. but of course my cable still works. oh well, i tried. hey, netflix just sent me smokey and bandit! that's my new rule for dvd's. i only watch movies that have CB radios in them.

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