It's late but I'm listening to WXRT's rockmusic talk show that promises to play two new and yet unreleased Wilco songs. I'll stay up late for that. Outside my window I can see fireflys glowing. There were no fireflys where I grew up so it's still one of my favorite summer night things to witness. I just got off the bed and touched my toes while taking a deep breathe. Am I doing yoga? The radio show guys are making fun of Dave Matthews and Dave Matthew fans are trying to explain why the critics are wrong even if they, the fans, also don't like the new album. I'm also flipping through the New Yorker that was delivered today while also checking email. I'm so ready for the brownies my roommates are baking. Four more minutes for brownies. I can smell them. ...Ha. I just ate a brownie hot out of the oven while listening to a new Wilco song. How great is that? Both were excellent. Now I can go to sleep.

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