I can feel a cold coming along and I blame George W. Bush. Somehow he has given me a cold. Yesterday at work Dan remarked that it’s fun having two presidents. I told him it sounds like a TV sitcom. I really want a TV show called, “My Two Presidents” to be on the air. It would turn out that because of an obscure law, a tie would result in the US having TWO, count ‘em, TWO presidents. Of course they don’t get along at first, bickering over which family gets the presidential office, bedroom, etc. but soon they learn to respect each other. There would only be one vice president (cause it would be funnier), and he should be portrayed by the actor who played the neighbor on Empty Nest, the Isuzu commercial guy. Unless he’s dead. Then I think he should be played by…I’ve given this way too much thought. The other sitcom I want to see is “That Darn Buddha” which would be about the misadventures of a Chicago guy who one day becomes enlightened after reading a really good article in Harper’s and becomes a Buddha. His friends can’t believe it, especially his roommate who learns Buddha’s don’t pay rent. Hey, if Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place can get made I don’t know why my shows can’t.

Tonight Pam graciously let me have dinner with her and I realized something. I really can not stand eating duck unless it’s Peking Duck. Yuck to duck. How come it took me so long to realize this? I’m no Buddha.

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