I have Spring Fever. I think it officially started when Pam and I were browsing a garage sale where the guy was giving away most of his stuff. She found an orange t-shirt with small velvet puffy iron-on lettering on the left chest. She had this amazed look on her face and said I had to have it. I took it home. So I now own a t-shirt that says "RIDE THE BUN". No, I don't know what it means. I don't think I want to know. Where do you wear a shirt like that? I mean, when do I go anywhere so classy as to call for such a shirt? Maybe I'll wear it while riding my motorcycle (I'm the highest bidder on ebay!). Yes, I'm bidding on a motorcycle. Like I said, Spring Fever. I might never wear the BUN shirt but if you ask real nice I'll let you come over and try it on. Maybe it will fit you, maybe it's waiting for you and nobody else, your destiny, and when you put it on everything will feel good and right, like you've never ever felt before.


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