By the time you read this (Friday?) I will have flown in the air in what is known as a modern airship to Canadaland. Who knows? Perhaps as you are reading this I am in my airship seat coveting my neighbors bag of peanuts as we fly over the country that is shaped just like a maple leaf. Yes, you might not know that but Canada is shaped like the leaf on their flag. Which is why itís on the flag. Look it up. Ok, itís not but I like to think it is. Which explains my poor grades in school. But right now Iím sitting on the red couch watching a program on the magic picture box that sits in the corner of my palatial bungalow. Those kids the Beatles are on the show. They have shaggy hair and are learning yoga and the sitar. When that boy Ringo talks I expect him to say something Spinal Tap-ish. He says something that makes sense but it still sounds like something out of Spinal Tap cause of his accent. And the fact that itís Ringo. Ringo is just funny no matter what. Unless I happen to wake up and find him standing over me with a huge knife. That would not be funny. That, my friends might be ok in Canada (I will make sure to lock my hotel room door) but not here in Chicago. In Chicago, the Velvet Undergroundís Moe Tucker is who we like to see standing above us as we wake, holding a big knife over our heads. Ha, Iím mistaken. Thatís just my personal choice. Judging by my Chicago friends and the Chicago music scene, it might actually be the Rolling Stonesí dapper Charlie Watts. Yes, Chicago is a Rolling Stones kind of town. Oh look. Grace Slick is now on the show. I believe itís the history of Rock-N-Roll. Remember when Grace Slick sang, ďWe built this city on rock-n-roooooolllllll!Ē I bet they whitewash that part of rock and roll history. Have you ever read ďPlease Kill Me - the Oral History of PunkĒ? I read it in one night, couldnít put it down. Oh look, a hippie girl is on tv and sheís wearing a sombrero. You donít see that in Chicago. Maybe in Canada! I hope I see one of the Kids in the Hall in a sombrero. Now itís the Beatles again on tv. Iím a Velvet Underground person. You are usually VU or Beatles. But when I hear John Lennonís voice itís almost always a good thing.

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