Operation Chill



So there was a lot of those velour J Lo/Juicy sweatsuits being worn by women tourist in Las Vegas. Those low riding ones for women? They sort of look like what I would imagine porno stars would wear between scenes, while chill-axing and calling the babysitter and stuff. Except now non-show biz moms wear them. On guys there were a lot of those polyester black short-sleeve buttoned shirts with the flames. And it was over a hundred degrees but some of the guys we were with were too cool to wear shorts. So they looked very indie. In that cool heat stroke-ish way?

Tonight I bike over to pick up my copy of Harry Potter, then start Operation Chill back at home. It involves installing my airconditioner into my bedroom window. Ok, that's pretty much all it involves. But after, I get to eat ice cream and read in bed. Hey, Someone, let's go to Montreal again? I feel like I need it to balance out Vegas. I'll buy you one of those bagels boiled in honey water. Oui?

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