I got Chinese food at a place by work and it did not taste as bad as it smelled. That's pretty much the best thing I can say about it. Most Chinese take-out in Chicago means breaded chicken parts in cornstarchy sauce with baby corn. It's so bad. L.A. and NYC don't know how good they got it in that department. It makes me sad that some of my friends who grew up in the midwest have NEVER had good Chinese food. That's almost criminal! Can't the Mayor do something about it? How about less painted plastic cows and a couple better Chinese joints? How can Chicago be a world-class city without the abundance of good Chinese take-out? It's just one of the basic signs of a civilized culture. I know NYC people wouldn't stand for this so why should we? Where are the investigative reports by the local FOX news station? If it's not the cold Winters, I think it will be the lack of good Chinese food that will make me move out of the Midwest. And those sneaky squirrels. They think they are so smart.

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