I saw Pat and his new short film at the film fest. Saw it once before but still liked it. Cracks me up. The rest of the shorts i could do without. No other movies this weekend. Carol's Pub was really fun and it was nice to see Pat again. I remember him leaving the bar at one point and then coming back cause it was too cold out. Yah, Winter is coming. Break out the thermals and heated mattress pads. I think I'd like to declare that this will be a really Drunken Winter. Whose with me? I know, I talk big...Also I found out I like an American breakfast better than an English breakfast (I also like Korean better) at Martyr's. But big ups to the nice lady for giving us free baked goods cause she noticed we were not crazy about the food. And at breakfast me and Mike had THREE different Sunday papers. Hardcore former journalism majors! Oh and two thumbs WAY UP to alcohol and cold medication. It was so good I just might have to bottle it. Doc Andrew's Hard Cold Medication Cider?

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