Iím falling asleep. I need more coffee and the Summer to come back. Dan and I went outside to get some food and the sky was as gray as your spooky tooth. And it reinforced this feeling I've had that I'm not ready for Winter (maybe it's just a general dread, considering all that's been going on). At lunch I was going to go buy a new comforter and I was out the of the building and across the street when I remembered Iím seeing the film Baran tonight at the Music Box right after work. I bet people would of have gotten mad if I had my comforter with me, taking up a seat by itself. Unless I asked the manager to turn the air conditioning up super high and I spread the comforter out and we all shared it. Cozy! But Iím sitting next to Jamie and everyone knows heís all hands, so maybe itís not such a good idea.

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