Today I called and canceled my order for the iBook. I called around and found one at CompUSA. So Dan and I took an early lunch and hightailed it there on the EL to Chicago Ave. Right now I'm typing this on my regular computer while watching Steve McQueen in Bullitt on my iBook. It's pretty swank. But I hope I don't end up just using it as a portable DVD player.

As for this desktop computer I'm typing on right now, I'll be sad when it someday becomes too old to use. It's not slick like the iBook but it's cooler cause I built it a couple of years ago myself just to see if I could. I'm not naturally a technical guy so it was suprising when I finally got it working. Something like that is great, makes you wonder what else you could build or do. Robots maybe! To do my bidding! Um, that's the first time I've ever used the word "bidding" not in relation to eBay.

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