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I have been up late every night trying to get my money's worth out of Netflix by watching and returning as many movies as I can, watching good bad movies like Dead or Alive while also reading The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber. Finished it this week and it's left a mark on me. On my chest. It might be the heaviest book I have read in a long time and it actually hurt when I lay in bed with the book resting on my chest. But I liked it a lot. And last night I started on the Chelsea Whistle by Michelle Tea, which Pam gave me, along with a shopping bag full of other amazing books, and a Venus magazine. I like Venus magazine a lot. I know it's aimed at women but it's one of the better U.S. music magazines I've read in awhile (it's not as snotty and "look at me i'm all edgy like Vice Magazine!" to me as a lot of other rawk mags). I guess I'm girly. Chelsea Whistle kinda sucked me in after a slight hesitation on my part at the start (I was all "do I want to read another book about how sucky someone's childhood was?"). Very funny and embarrassing and scary and tuff, and it all rings true. Just like your pants!

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