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I saw Black Tight Killers last night (ninja gum?) and I have to say it's no Branded to Kill. But 60's Japanese movie jazz is always fun. The Pornographers by Shohei Imamura was interesting. I didn't much care for Spun. Even with my favorite actor Mr. Mickey Rourke. But I want the soundtrack.

Right now one of my favorite living writers is Alan Moore. I've been reading part two of Top Ten and 1-6 of part two of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (so dirty!). Genius. He's always leaving me slackjawed. I'm such a fan that I'm going to start trying to mirror his life. Starting with his hair and beard.

Oh, and my new breakfast habit is a cup of coffee and two croissants, one plain, one chocolate, every morning from Cafe Selmarie. I get weird with my breakfast choices. I'll find something I like and get it everyday for a couple of months. Like those two months of tunafish sandwiches, or that time I had that roast beef on rye habit. So yeah, comic books, movies, and croissants are where my money is going. But I'm saving money on haircuts and shaving gear.

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