It's nice and warm outside today in Chicago. I walked around and even ran into people I knew which is always nice. Well, if it's not someone you hate. and i didn't hate them. And people were dressed kinda weird, like maybe they packed away all their non-winter clothes and didn't know what to wear cause it was so warm out? And maybe they just took out clothes from their 1980's box? Well, that's what it looked like anyway. Also I saw a lady wearing high heels that were made to look like Converse All-Stars. Uh. And I actually did buy some sunglasses and then walked over to Pam's bookstore. She was busy helping someone and I whispered, "Hey, where do you keep your cool books for cool people like me? Is there like a sign or something?" But she wouldn't tell me. And then we had lunch at Kopi and I winked twice at Pam from behind my sunglasses and she told me to cut it out. Oh and they dumped 50 pounds of green dye into the Chicago river and I can never really tell the difference.

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