the corrections



Last night I couldnít sleep prob. because of the lingering cold I have, not to mention the usual collection of guilt and fear and other personal demons in my head. What? Like you fall asleep like a baby every night? Anyway, so I picked up the Corrections again and started reading. Iíve tried to read it about five times and each time I couldnít get pass the first two pages. My eyes would just slide right off the pages as if they were blank. But too many friends whose taste I trust liked this book for me to ignore, so I gave it another shot. And this time it clicked. There is always a moment where I slip into a book, into the rhythm of the nightÖI mean, words. So Iím reading it and liking it so far. I wonder if there have been studies on what words help hook readers right away? I also think it has a lot to do with how you are sitting or lying down, how your pillows are arranged, how thick the book is, whatís on HBO at the moment, what kind of underwear you have on, if there happens to be a cute kitten batting at the book while your trying to read it, or thoughts on why isnít there a cute kitten batting at the book while your trying to read it, how cold or warm it is, how much money is in your 401k, thoughts on if that video store girl really hates you or is she mean to everyone, and of course the constant worry of aging and our own mortality. Writers really have an uphill battle.

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