Because the Ticketmaster service charge almost doubled the price of the Yo La Tengo tickets, we tried to show up an hour early and buy tickets at the Vic's box office before the show, the only time you can from them outside of Ticketmaster. They were sold out...I officially curse Tickemaster and will refuse to add Ticketmaster to Friendster. So we rode our bikes to the Red Lion on Lincoln to have a beer outside on the deck. Across the street was the Biograph and I half-jokingly said we should go see 2Fast2Furious. That's just like going to see Yo La Tengo right? Maybe it was the Guinness but it was great! 2Dumb2Fun. Almost every line said by a guy in the movie ended with the word "Bro" and all the women wore hot pants. Tyrese took his shirt off and girls in the audience squealed. Hundreds of cars with neon lights went fast and crashed. Masculine energy and myth, violence,absurd images, costumes and situations...I'm going to pretend that it was the sixth and most entertaining movie in the Cremaster cycle.

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