Ok, here are some things Iíve discovered in these last work free weeks:

1. Do not see ďthe CellĒ. God that sucked. I saw it for free but you know that does not help at all to make a movie this bad a better experience. Roger Ebert gave this a thumb up. He is delusional or someone is paying him. He needs to quit reviewing films professionally. Pam pointed out quite correctly that Iíve been seeing ďa lot of crapĒ. Thanks for pointing that out, Miss Nash Bridges.

2. Itís not a good idea to order 20 buffalo chicken wings for yourself. Probably not a good idea to order 20 of anything on the menu for yourself. Especially at the Black Beetle here in Chicago, which has an incredible apple pie. Leave room for pie alamode! GOOD LORD THAT PIE ROCKED.

3. If you like mysteries starring oral surgeons (I sure do!), you canít go wrong with author Rick Boyer.

4. The Charlieís Angels movie trailer has everything I like in an action movie. Oh, and Bring it On! That looks good for some reason.

5. Daytime TV is not your friend.

6. Holiday, the bar, is best avoided, even for a quick bite to eat.

7. Holiday, the band, before breaking up, put out the perfect pop CD of the 90ís and itís called, ďREADY STEADY GO!Ē I lost my copy so I bought another one this week at Reckless.

8. Bouncers can be nice and change their minds about letting you in without ID, especially if you hang out with them outside and bug them with sob stories, but in the whole, ok, Iím not going in I accept that Iím just hanging here finishing my cigarette man Iíve been having bad luck you seem like a nice guy kind of way. Itís worked twice so far for me.

9. I forgot how Elton John used to be a great artist back in the day. I was listening to ďTiny DancerĒ and I think anyone who can sing the word ďauditoriumĒ so well is pretty fucking cool.

10. If you are trying to drag yourself to the gym, you will run into your roommate on the street, and you will ask him to have dinner so that you donít go to the gym.

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