dive dive dive!



You know that song? "I wish I could fly..."? Who was that? R. Kelly? My song would be, "I Wish I Could Clean." Every Friday I tell people that I'm probably just going to stay in and clean my place. And then I end up doing other stuff. What's wrong with me? Why am I so messy? Also, last night, while watching Jonathon in a play about the Civil War and submarines at the Prop Theater (I know. is it all Civil War and submarines with you, Andrew?) I started thinking how only Superman would really know what lava tastes like. Oh, and after following the cast down the street to Clancy's on Lincoln for a drink, I was walking home when an eldery man tried to get me into his car, using lewd hand motions. I guess the male prostitute look was a bad idea but it's been feeling like Spring lately. Also if Superman was my friend I'd make him do a lot of Jackass stuff and make him carry me on his back everywhere.

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