I kept busy this long weekend and there were a lot of meals and sweets involved, a lot of dough. Sat. I made malasadas (Hawaiian/Portuguese donuts) and had beers with peeps who stopped by my place on their way to their various Sat. night destinations. They were not perfect (I've never even baked a cake before) but how bad can a donut straight out of a deep fryer taste? Sunday was perfect weather for biking and brunch outside (Pauline's is bad, right? We all agree on that now? Great location. Someone should take that place over and serve some good food? And maybe not have an owner who yells at his employees?)and then dinner at Tom and Katherine's where I had birthday cupcakes that were incredible. I biked home in the warm night and stopped on the bridge on Western and took a photo with my new digital camera cause it looked all pretty with the moonlight. I'd post photos but Diaryland won't let me right now. On Monday Jill and I went to the River Forest Memorial Day parade (Girl Scout troops, a marching band, biz men in their cars, a pig, a “tall club”, you know, the usual small parade) where J. made a creme cheese, ice cream cake with blueberries thing that I had two slices of. Do stoners make better bakers? I think maybe so. It's fun yet gross watching the Dudes when I am with Jill in public; Like I'm watching some nature program on monkeys behaving badly. And the thought of, "Am I ever gross like that in public to other girls?" I hope not.

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