I saw Hitchcock’s 39 Steps at the Film Center on Friday. Thrilling and funny and weirdly dirty in that Hitchcockian way of his. No cameo of his that I noticed. And on Sat. I saw the Hentchmen at the Empty Bottle. Tim was so rock and roll on stage and the band was great. They had that Howling Wolf kinda energy. And Happy Supply was a lot better than I expected. They sounded like a cracked 80’s version of Looper. So different from the Hentchmen’s garage rock. The other two bands I didn’t really notice. I was having a good time and then all of sudden I felt sick and wanted nothing more than to be at home lying on my couch. I guess I should of ate dinner before drinking. I went around the bar saying my goodbyes and just sort of nodding to whatever people were saying, trying to concentrate on not losing it. Ah just like the good old days in high school. The sick feeling passed as quicky as it came but by then I was being driven home by James and Chris who found me outside trying to flag down the sidewalk. They are nice.

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