Mulholland Drive was a little Hitchcockian, confusing, scary, sexy, funny and beautiful. We sat close to the screen cause we had to and it's not a bad place to sit for a Lynch film. Once again he did that sort of Mobius strip thing but I liked it much better than Lost Highway. The only thing I didn't like was a few people in the audience who I need to sic Robert Blake of Lost Highway on. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and we ate at Lulu's in Evanston before the movie and it was laughingly bad. The last time I was there was like 5 years ago and I thought it might of improved since it's been around so long but nope. Sugary sweet stock in an otherwise bland won ton min type soup and broccoli as pretty much the only veggies in what they called the "bib bim bap". Blah, how do they get away with that? It's a popular place and pretty well known. What's up Evanston? I thought you were hip and international? Only in the mid-west could a place like this do so well. Oh well, at least the portions were really small.
One last thing. Anyone who wants an import copy of the Strokes cd (kinda nude bootie on cover with a black glove and the New York Cops song still there), I saw one in the import section at Virgin on Mich. Ave. behind a Joe Strummer cd for twenty bucks. I almost bought it but decided to let you have it instead. Your welcome.

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