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Random number I just made up that you may use to encrypt what you want: 97401777444449230111735

Jumble to Solve (hint, it's a name!): ANDRWE

Book you might want to read:

"Hacking Flash Mobs For Fun and Profit" by John Singer Sargent.

Last Song Played On My iPod:

"Will the Circle Remain Unbroken"- The Staple Singers

How many times hitting --> button on iPod so that it ends up on a song that might make me sound interesting? Seven.

Excerpt from novel I am writing on the train to work:

"PLEASE SHUT YOUR FAT MOUTH OR I'LL SMASH THAT CELLPHONE!" he thought to himself when suddenly he realized he had eaten the last bite of his croissant and there was no more. He felt sad and lost, sort of like that guy in that really good novel by Walker Percy, who you will never write as well as...

Addicted To At The Moment: nicotine, coffee, croissants, Walgreen's Natural Flavor H2O spring water (orange flavor), the New Pornographer's Electric Version, the Radio Dept., and lastly, hope in this new day.

p.s. please leave me a comment. tell me what you had for lunch yesterday or today. or what you wish you had. or what you plan on having. it's really as personal as we can get, i feel at the moment. but still, it's nice that we talked.

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