This weekend the kickstand on my motorcycle broke again. I had the shop spot weld it once before but I guess it didn't take. It was heartbreaking to see my motorcycle on it's side in front of Tom and Katherine's place. But the bike was fine, I rode home that night, my stomach full of good food, right behind Jamie who was driving his car. But seeing my motorcycle fallen over did give me a little epiphany of sorts, thoughts about how things can go wrong. I had just eaten a great feast with friends and I walk out and see that not everything goes right. You never know when something bad can happen. And hey, let's face it, a motorcycle can be pretty dangerous. And I smoke! I shouldn't but I do. Let's see, smoked, rode motorcycle, ate heart stopping, rich food. It makes you think, right? You see what I'm getting at? Yes, you should all be really nice to me! Cause I could be gone at anytime! You should start right now.

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